Kings Road Publishing Halloween Shenanigans

It was a bright and sunny morning in Chelsea, when the Halloween spirit struck our office. We put work on hold, made some tea, and decided to carve pumpkins!
And so it begins, our magical journey to the art of pumpkin carving…

Of course, we couldn’t have a pumpkin carving fest without the actual pumpkins. So we put on our coats, grabbed our bags and went on the hunt for the most perfect, round pumpkins out there. We didn’t have to too search far; the shop around the corner from our building was the chosen one…

When we finally made it back to the office, we concluded that these pumpkins had to be extraordinary and depict our passion for books. Hence, the plan was laid out to carve Harry Potter images because we all love Harry Potter and *certain members of staff have developed a slight obsession over the Harry Potter Colouring Book.


Giddy with excitement and anticipation, we started discussing our ambitious ideas for designs. After a bit of deliberation and our imagination flaring, we decided to go for the most characteristic images from Harry Potter: The Hogwarts crest, the Deathly Hallows symbol and, of course; Harry himself! Well, maybe some parts of him anyway…
We then unleashed our creative streak and started drawing the rough outlines of our soon-to-be-carved images.


We had a lot of fun carving our designs, scooping out the insides, and drawing hair on the Harry pumpkin. In the meantime, some of us would colour in a poster-sized artwork of Hedwig from the Harry Potter Colouring Book.
There was a lot of laughter and pumpkin seeds, and we believed ourselves lucky to be able to relive the wonderful world of Harry Potter through the Halloween pumpkins and the new colouring book.
This was the result of our creative and imaginative teamwork!


Also check out the “making of” trailer on our YouTube channel below: